The Pop Art Movement

Fine Arts can be found in a large variety of disciplines such as photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and dance, being the painting and drawing one of the most popular. Within the fine arts, a trend that is gaining more and more fame is the Pop Art Movement.

The Pop Art Movement started in the mid of the 50's in Britain and late 50's in the United States, the concept of pop art wants to make an statement by challenging the tradition of fine art and making it more accessible for the masses using mass-produced objects and some other kind of visual aids that the majority would recognize in a heartbeat.

The origins of pop art in North America and Britain emerged in a different way, in North America it came as the way of expression of the artists to portrait the mundane reality of the time, using parody and irony to made it more attractive and accessible to all kind people, regardless of the class or education as any American would be identified with those daily-common objects. In contrast to this, the origin in the post-war Britain was more focused on academical view of this art by portraying the reality of one of the most powerful empires of that time, that by the way was influencing the whole world with their way of living

A very well-known example of art in pop culture would be the use of food brands such as Coca-Cola and Campbell's Soups logos, known for its characteristic diamond shape and blue or light blue color. Also a great example of a different kind of pop art is the use of the trendy comic style based on American animations. This type of fine art is so popular nowadays that we recognize its potential to continue growing and attracting more followers all around the world.